Jewelry Catalog

Welcome to our catalog! "Gail's Designs" include items designed by Gail and made in her studio here at the shop. She works only with top quality gemstones and exotic mineral materials. There are many mineral and gem types here you may never have heard of! She strongly prefers gems from the earth rather than man-made, and works only with the precious metals, that is, gold, platinum, and silver. The category "Other Designers" includes jewelry we have in our Selections by Gail showroom. These designers include Vahan, Belle Etoile, Nicole Barr, Lola, and designs by Randy Snider, our Master Stonecutter. Our in-depth "Sold Designs" category can assist you if you are considering having Gail design something for you. Hundreds of her designs are included, which makes for a wondrous viewing experience!

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